Like many great scientific discoveries, Eastern Shore Microbes began as a happy accident.

The Eastern Shore Microbes story started in 1974, when Dr. Russell Vreeland stumbled across two ponds containing salt brines. They were identical except for one major difference - their color. While one of them looked like clear water, the other was a bright red. Upon further examination, the red pond was warmer - and evaporating faster. Already a leading researcher on the topic of microbes, Dr. Vreeland began studying the tiny organisms responsible for this behavior in the water. In a moment, the concept of H.E.A.T. was born.

Checking Cultures for Use

Dr. Russell H. Vreeland

Dr. Russell Vreeland received his microbiological training at Rutgers University (BS and MS), the University of Nebraska-Lincoln (PhD) and Post-Doctoral training at University of Western Ontario. He was a Professor at the University of New Orleans and at West Chester University of Pennsylvania. As a microbiologist he knows that it is really microbes that run the Earth. His initial training focused on marine microbiology during which he became fascinated by the microbes that live and function in extremely high salts and their potential application for industry. He focused entirely on the marvelous microbes that survive and thrive in saline waters anywhere from 2x to 10x the concentration of seawater and even in salt crystals. He also led teams studying the remains of the ancient oceans (large underground salt deposits) as a geological microbiologist where he reanimated the world’s oldest living microbes (120 and 250 million years old) and the world’s oldest known DNA sequences (412 MYA). He is the founder, President and Chief Scientist for Eastern Shore Microbes (ESM).

Eastern Shore Microbes Lab

Mr. John Long

John Long became a partner in Eastern Shore Microbes in 2018. Mr. Long graduated from Northampton High School and Johnson and Wales University with an Associate’s Degree in Culinary Arts and an emphasis in marketing and management. As the ESM chief of logistics and operations Mr. Long applies all of the experience gained from a career in farming, corporate production, shipping and quality control. His primary corporate emphasis focuses on maintaining the highest levels of quality standards, ingredients and nutrient production procedures to always exceed ESM’s and client’s expectations. His responsibilities include warehousing nutrient supplies, mixing nutrient formulations for all lagoons, shipping and equipment maintenance for ESM.

Eastern Shore Microbes In Action