Eastern Shore Microbes Halophilic Evaporative Applications Technology (H.E.A.T.) is the simplest and most environmentally responsible waste brine treatment solution in existence.

Our revolutionary microbe-based approach is the only green, sustainable process for brine lagoons, solving waste brine challenges without external energy or complicated equipment.

Whether your challenge is managing, repairing, clarifying or closing your brine lagoons, or the development of a truly Zero Liquid Discharge System for your manufacturing or waste treatment facility, Eastern Shore Microbes can provide a biologically based, sustainable green solution.

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Mechanical Brine Disposal Methods H.E.A.T.
New Infrastructure? Extensive NO
Design Produce Install? Months to years Weeks to months
Special Equipment? YES NEVER
Maintenance? Expensive Specialists Monthly Nutrients
Adaptable? NO HIGHLY
External Energy? YES NO
Obvious to Neighbors? YES NO
Sprays or Odors? YES NO
Green & Sustainable? NO YES!
Brine in Lagoon Microscope

ESM cultures clarifying brine during early treatment of a 5 million gallon lagoon.


30 days after treatment begins microbes are clearing the brine by streaming out away from the beach edges.

Real World Solutions To Brine Lagoon Challenges.

The picture to the left is an example of Eastern Shore Microbes at work. ESM cultures (identified by the microscope icon) clarifying brine during early treatment of a 5 million gallon lagoon. This image was taken 1 month after initial inoculation.